Why do teachers continue to teach despite everything?

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

These days everyone is already familiar with teachers being on the picket-lines. There’s just too little government support for teachers. The wage is too low and they are seldom recognized for their efforts. Even some parents don’t appreciate their kids’ teachers. It is really a tough profession, so why do teachers still continue to teach despite all of this?

Five teachers themselves reveal why they love what they do – teaching.

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Ryan Thompson shares why teaching is the best ‘family job’ (he previously had a high-paying corporate job before deciding to become a teacher), Daniel Levi-Sanchez delights in helping kids and guiding them to become confident and passionate individuals, Mary Lynch best of all likes seeing struggling kids succeed (although non-union teachers receive much lesser financial support), Allie Griffin is driven by her deep love for kids, and Renee Longshore had always dreamed of becoming like her own teachers, who had helped her become who she is today and who had inspired her all her youth. These five amazing individuals all have inspiring stories and experiences as teachers. Despite being undervalued and unappreciated, they still take pride in what they do best – helping kids! And that’s very noble.

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